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Garden Roofing Systems in New Mexico & El Paso

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Upland Corporation proudly features Garden Roofing Systems from Firestone and American Hydrotech. Unlike conventional earth covered structures, garden roof assemblies are lightweight and can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing structures.



Why Have a Green Roof?

Besides being aesthetically pleasing, a green roof can provide building owners and tenants with many ecological, technical and economic benefits:


  • Enhances building’s appearance
  • Adds space for tenant use and recreation
  • One answer to the “urban heat island” problem
  • Stormwater management – retain 50%-90% of a typical rain fall on the roof
  • Improves building’s energy efficiency
  • Processes airborne toxins and re-oxygenates the air
  • Creates therapeutic and peaceful environments


Firestone SkyScape Garden Roofing Upland Corporation Albuquerque New Mexico

Firestone SkyScape Vegetative Roofing System

Firestone SkyScape™ Vegetative Roof System can be installed in conjunction with any of Firestone’s premium, fully adhered RubberGard™ EPDM and UltraPly™ TPO membranes as part of the Firestone EnviroReady™ Roofing System. You can also combine SkyPaver™ Composite Roof Pavers with SkyDrain™ drainage mats to create versatile rooftop living spaces.


The SkyScape Vegetative System is designed to promote healthy plant growth. Both designs feature a protective root barrier, drainage and filtration layers, water retention reservoir for storm water metering, growing media and the plants themselves. They can also accommodate an irrigation system.


Available in an extensive modular tray system or an intensive multi-layered system, SkyScape provides a host of environmental benefits:


  • Creates an insulating layer that helps reduce building heating and cooling costs
  • Protects the roofing material from UV and heat stress degradation
  • Mitigates wind uplift
  • Extends the service life of the underlying roof system
  • Improves storm water management
  • Enhances air quality resulting from the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen and decreased ambient air temperature, which in turn reduces heat-island effect
  • Increases aesthetics and creates wildlife habitat
  • Qualifies for up to a 30-year Firestone Red Shield™ Warranty
  • Contributes to LEED®-certified green building projects


Hydrotech Garden Roofing Upland Corporation Albuquerque New Mexico

American Hydrotech Garden Roof Systems

Firestone Green Roofing Distributor Albuquerque New Mexico Garden Roof Assemblies Hydrotech Upland Corporation (505) 266-3800From the roof membrane up through the plants, a green roof needs to function first as a roof, keeping the structure watertight, and at the same time provide an environment conducive to the vegetation. Hydrotech’s Garden Roof® Assemblies accomplish this by incorporating the very best in moisture protection, proven green roof technology and experience.

Unlike conventional earth covered structures, Garden Roof Assemblies are lightweight and can be installed on a wide variety of new and existing structures when combined with Hydrotech’s Monolithic Membrane 6125® roofing/waterproofing with proven green technology.


  • Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly – Extensive
    Lightweight, low maintenance, supports hardy plants, no irrigation required


  • Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly – Sloped Applications
    Expand beyond traditional flat roof applications and put a green roof where it has not been feasible before


  • Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly – Intensive
    This comes as close as you can get to replicating your yard or garden on the roof


  • Hydrotech Garden Roof Assembly – Shallow Intensive
    Lightweight assembly, slightly deeper soil depth, and designed to support sod lawns and perennials

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