Georgia Pacific DensDeck

DensDeck Roof Board


Upland Corporation Distributor of DensDeck in New Mexico and El Paso American Hydrotech, Hanover, Westile

Upland Corporation supplies DensDeck® roof boards in New Mexico and El Paso.


DensDeck roof board, with fiberglass mats and a noncombustible* gypsum core, is designed to address persistent challenges inherent in commercial roofing assemblies.


As a thermal barrier, DensDeck panels provide needed fire resistance in FM Class 1 roofing systems. In mechanically attached single-ply membrane systems, DensDeck is ideal as a noncombustible underlayment over the structural deck.


Approved by leading roofing system manufacturers and consultants, DensDeck roof board adds high performance and long life beyond what the membrane manufacturer’s warranty will cover.

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