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Upland Corporationn Distributor of Plaza Pavers in New Mexico and El Paso American Hydrotech, Hanover, WestileUpland Corporation is New Mexico’s leading distributor of commercial Plaza Pavers from American Hydrotech, Hanover and Westile.


Plaza pavers create attractive outdoor spaces. Plaza decks on rooftops and terraces provide practical solutions for optimizing space and building decks over sloping, difficult or uneven surfaces.


Plaza Pavers for Commercial Construction


Hanover Plaza Pavers New Mexico Upland Corporation


American Hydrotech plaza Paver System

Construction for commercial plaza decks begins at the substrate with Hydrotech’s premier waterproofing membrane, Monolithic Membrane 6125®.

Hydrotech’s architectural paver system offers high compressive strength, low moisture absorption, and a wide variety of colors, textures and configurations:

American Hydrotech Plaza Pavers
  • Pavers on Tabs
  • Pavers on Pedestals
  • Pavers with Integrated Feet


Unlike sand or mortar setting bed installations, the American Hydrotech architectural paver system is installed in an open joint assembly, supported at the four corners on spacer tabs or pedestals. This method of installation provides many distinct advantages:


Open Joint System – open joints facilitate the flow of water below the paver surface to concealed drains, while also eliminating ponding water and trapped moisture.


Access to Substructure – drains and all assembly components are easily accessible. If the need should arise, pavers can simply be lifted and reset in place so maintenance and future alterations are easily accomplished.


Installation Flexibility – pavers are set directly on spacer tabs or adjustable pedestals to an established grade and even leveled where a sloped deck exists, a simple, durable solution.


American Hydrotech Plaza Deck Supplies


Hanover® Artitectural Pavers

With the highest compressive and flexural strength in the industry, along with unmatched combination of colors and finishes, designers and owners can be confident in their choice of the Ultimate Assembly from Hydrotech for plaza decks.


For projects that are looking for sustainable solutions or even LEED™ credits, Hanover Glacier White Pavers provide an SRI of >80. To get credit, these pavers must be installed on at least 75% of the roof. For the non-roof credit, they must be installed on at least 50% of all non-roof impervious surfaces.


Available in a wide array of colors and finishes – including crushed granite, limestone and bluestone – standard sizes are 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ square. Rectangular and custom sizes, colors and finishes are available.

Hanover Plaza Paver Finishes



Plaza Pavers Westile Upland Corporation Albuquerque New Mexico



Westile Plaza Pavers

Upland Corporationn Distributor of Plaza Pavers in New Mexico and El Paso American Hydrotech, Hanover, WestileWhether the plaza design is simple or complex, Westile helps produce a smooth plaza surface to achieve unique plaza deck designs. Westile plaza pavers are used in commercial construction applications including universities, museums, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, residential homes and condominiums.



Western Plaza Paver™ Series

  • Size: 24″ x 24″ x 1-13/16″ (nominal)
  • Weight: 24 lbs./sq.ft.
  • Level System
  • Sloped System
  • Dimensional Tolerance: +/- 1/16 (length, width, height, convex, concave)
  • Promenade Finish: Exposed Aggregate or Pebble Finish
  • Slate Finish: Nature Inspired Finish. Each slate color comes in four different patterns to achieve a more natural slate finish.
  • Gibraltar Finish: Shotblast Finish
Westile Plaza Pavers