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Upland Corporationn Distributor of American Hydrotech Plaza Deck Supplies Albuquerque New Mexico and El Paso TexasUpland Corporation is New Mexico’s leading provider of commercial Plaza Deck supplies. Ideal for roof terraces, vegetated roofs and plazas, Upland sources the leading plaza pavers for commercial plaza decks.


Plaza Deck Construction

Unlike sand or mortar setting bed installations,  architectural pavers are installed in an open joint assembly, supported at the four corners on spacer tabs or pedestals. This method of installation provides many distinct advantages:


Open Joint System – open joints facilitate the flow of water below the paver surface to concealed drains, while also eliminating ponding water and trapped moisture.


Access to Substructure – drains and all assembly components are easily accessible. If the need should arise, pavers can simply be lifted and reset in place so maintenance and future alterations are easily accomplished.


Installation Flexibility – pavers are set directly on spacer tabs or adjustable pedestals to an established grade and even leveled where a sloped deck exists, a simple, durable solution.