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Upland Corporation Represents MiaSole Thin Film Solar Cells and Panels

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Your Photovoltaic Roofing and Rooftop PV needs can be met by Upland Corporation. We proudly represent Flexible Solar Cells and Panels from MiaSole. Throughout the world, rooftops are turning into solar power systems as building owners attempt to capitalize on the environmental and financial benefits of installing a PV system. The photovoltaic roofing market has expanded greatly, and Upland is proud to be partnering with MiaSole in this endeavor.


Learn about MiaSole’s superior thin film cell products and read about the new relationship between MiaSole and Upland at MiaSole’s website.



MiaSole high performance thin film solar

Your roofing system is a valuable asset that was designed to perform a critical function – waterproof the top of the building. More than likely, your roof was not designed to become the permanent platform for a heavy photovoltaic (PV) system. This is where a lightweight thin film solar installation is the perfect solution, especially for TPO membrane and metal roofing systems.

As with all solar PV installations, there are many factors to think about. Here are a few things to consider BEFORE installing a commercial rooftop PV system:


  • Will the maintenance or eventual replacement of your roofing system disrupt the power output of your PV?


  • Who is responsible for paying to remove and reinstall your PV system during roof repair?


  • Has your current roofing system been fully evaluated as suitable for the traffic, weight and 25+ year performance of today’s PV systems?


  • Have you fully considered the risk of not having your roofing professional involved in the design and protection of your roofing system in its new role as the permanent substrate for your heavy, expensive and long-lasting PV installation?




MiaSole – the perfect solution for today’s membrane and metal roofs

Firestone Commercial Solar PV Roofing Distributor Albuquerque New Mexico Upland Corporation (505) 266-3800 Genflex TPO Roofing SystemsMiaSole provides high performance rooftop solar systems in a lightweight format. The modules bond directly onto the TPO or metal roof system, eliminating the need for racks, ballasts, and roof penetrations. Installation time and labor for your solar system is reduced. MiaSole’s sytem is also a great solution for low weight-bearing building structures.

Contact your local representatives, Nancy Lomax, Travis Cunningham, or David Vaughan, at Upland Corporation today at (505) 266-3800 for more information on MiaSole Thin Film Solar Cells and Panels!

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